About Us


Alpha Foot Orthotics Co Pty Ltd was formed in 1984 by Dr Steven Hainsworth an Australian Podiatrist and now also a (research) Medical Scientist. At the time, patients who attended the clinic were frustrated because there were no generic kinetic or functional foot orthotics available. Dr Hainsworth using hundreds of custom orthotics and casts designed a generic/preshaped foot orthotic now known as Alphathotic.


To achieve the right configuration took time and was registered in Australia in 1986. This design was so successful that it triggered a leap forward in this area. Alphathotic has been distributed throughout the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand selling hundreds of thousands of pairs. It has run in the Olympics, traversed the globe, climbed mountains and descended valleys, worked in factories, stood around in shops, run round schoolyards and many other activities. It has assisted in healing plantar fasciitis, heel spur syndrome, shin splints, Sever’s disorder and many other lower limb complaints in children, adults and the very elderly.


Although the original Alphathotic was conceived about 30 years ago the designers have kept abreast with any relevant findings and new materials. With all this in mind the best of the old and the best of the new have been combined to bring about the New Generation Alphathotics.