Technical information


True Blue Orthotics, the New Generation foot orthotics from Alphathotic   are manufactured from Afion, a specially selected polyurethane that exhibits both semi rigid and shock absorbing properties.It is the ideal material for the manufacture of orthopaedic foot orthotics.


The manufacturing moulds are state of the art precision CADCAM computer generated,being milled from the highest quality steel. Each orthotic device is meticulously molded by specially trained technitions to acheive the best material flow and quality.


True Blue Orthotics are manufactured in a three in one process so that the components cannot separate during use. During this process premium Portugese cork is integrated into the lower surface. Along with our urethane formula, special molds and manufacturing pouring method gives a flow pattern during manufacture that produces a unique feel. This enhances the dynamic correction, comfort and support.


A top layer of elastomeric Lyriontm adds to the durability and comfort of the Alphathotic as well as giving it an attractive patterned finish. Lyrion is resistant to bacterial and fungal organisms. The cork/Afion undersurface means that extra components such as full heel wedges, CT Wedges, lifts, forefoot pads and posts can be easily adhered.