True Blue Orthotics-New Generation

The above images illustrate three different views of True Blue Orthotics. The sleek black lines of the orthotics are clearly evident along with the integrated cork on the inferior surface.This combination plus the selected materials give the Afiontm material a unique flow pattern during manufacture. This flow pattern results in a firm comfortable orthotic that is readily accepted by patients.

Some of the biomechanical features of True Blue Orthotics are;

  • 40 intrinsic rearfoot varus
  • A deep sturdy heel cup helps to stabilize the calcaneous.
  • a 200 midtarsal posting....(moderate arch height).
  • material density that gives with firm correction and support along with exceptional comfort.
  •  supports and enhances the windlass effect of the plantar fascia, encouraging the intrinsic muscles of the foot to exercise and strengthen.

True Blue Orthotics are very versatile.


  • the integrated cork under surface is easily adhered to by glues and adhesive components
  • the rear foot angle can be readily increased with the addition of a extra heel posting adhered to the underside. These are supplied upon request in either Afion or EVA material.
  • metatarsal pads can be applied . These can be in the form of varus or valgus heel posting as well as metatarsal pads and domes.
  • midtarsal posting can be increased with the addition of extra pads either on the top or underside.

Available sizes


Adults     3-4. 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12

           XS    S     M     L        XL


True Blue Orthotic ADDITIONS.

True Blue Orthotics.

Integrated cork reverse side, creates a unique feel and allows for the addition of components

The above image illustrates two types of varus heel wedges and materials that can be easily adhered to True Blue Orthotics. On the left is the half wedge-CT Wedge- and and on the right is a full varus post. The grey material is EVA while the beige material is Afion.


Extra varus posting can be used to add further correction to the orthotic and also to add comfort to the medial longitudinal arch. Afion is also an excellent shock absorber and is useful in purposes where this characteristic is required.